Oil Technics Ltd

Specialists in Oil Bioremediation, Spill Prevention & Control products. Used in Mining, Offshore & Marine and Industrial Cleaning & Decontamination.


Bio Technics Ltd

Specialists in innovative biological and environmentally friendly products that have revolutionised the way people think about cleaning. A range of effective, dermatologically tested, alcohol free hand and skin hygiene products.

Spill kits

  • For medium sized spills.
  • Weather-resistant polyethylene container
  • Protects sorbents against dirt, moisture and damage.
  • Hinged lid provides easy access to the products.
  • Wheels allow excellent mobility in and outdoors.

Spill Control

  • The EnviroSpill Drum Spill Pallets are designed as a bunded spill containment option for holding either two or four drums.
  • The EnviroSpill IBC Spill Pallet is designed as a bunded spill containment option for holding a single IBC. This spill control product has a sump capacity compliant with the 110% bund regulations for oil and chemical storage.

Bio Gel

A new approach to the removal of oil contaminated gravel and stones as found in oil storage areas, tank bunds, transformer footings and railway lines. Bio Gel uniquely cleans oil contamination in-site so avoiding the expense of site excavation.


Sobo Cleaner

A highly concentrated powerful and readily biodegradable heavy duty solvent degreaser, Sobo Tank Cleaner penetrates and lifts the heaviest of oil contamination with reduced risks for the environment.