HGS offers a comprehensive product line that addresses your concerns related to fuel equipment, Pressureless refuelling, couplers and other accessories, as well as complete fuel bowsers. We constantly introduce new and innovative products to the market to ensure a safer, more efficient workplace. Our complete solutions and services are considered superior by many who employ them.

FastFill Systems

FastFill Systems is a US based company that offers world-leading technology in fuel and fluid transfer for mobile equipment. FastFill specialises in:

  • Dry Break FastFill Fuelling Systems
  • Check Valve Anti-theft Systems
  • Pressureless Fuelling Systems
  • Fuel Nozzles & Receivers
  • Matrix Flat Face Couplers
View this video to understand the difference and benefits between a pressureless system and a pressurized delivery.


Fast Fill Filter Vent

Dirty fuel can lead to a number of costly issues which can include damaged or clogged injectors and increased downtime for repairs and maintenance. Adding a remote-mounted filter vent to your tank setup is all it takes to keep your tank clean. This unit is also ideal for bulk tanks, as well as, hydraulic tanks on large excavators

  • Independent breather and vent check valves
  • Prevents filter saturation and ensures your tank can always vent easily

Flat Face Matrix

Flat Face Matrix nozzles are colour coordinated and will only fit with a receiver having the same corresponding colour preventing cross contamination.

  • Highest possible Flow Rate in the Industry for Fluid Transfer
  • Available in 12 different Sizes and Colours Eliminates Cross Contamination

Cobra Fuel Bowsers

Cobra is a leader in custom-built, special-use vehicles for mining across Africa. Innovation and dependability ensure that they remain ahead of industry trends.

To rapidly replenish the daily diesel consumed, Cobra bowsers offer high and low volume dispensing from the same pump and filter arrangements.

  • For off-highway ADT or RDT chassis cabs or in a Lite version for 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 chassis cabs
  • 120-700lpm or SUPA flow 1000lpm
  • Dual flow from single pump
  • Water removal and diesel polishing options
  • Bowser refill rate up to 1200 litres/min from tank farm with FastFill pressureless auto shut-off on the Cobra unit


In 2002 SAMPI joined the IDEX team of Companies. IDEX is a leader in the manufacture of a broad range of pump products, dispensing equipment and other engineered technologies. VersaMatic, Viking Pump, Corken and Liquid Controls (LC Meters) are all IDEX Companies.
    Main Markets/Applications covered:
  • Custody Transfer skids, Bottom or Top Loading skids, Unloading Skids, Additive and/or Chemical.
  • Injection, Bulk Transfer, Terminal Systems and Automation for the Oil & Gas market.
  • Fuel Unloading, Transfer, Loading, and Filtration systems for Military and Civil Aviation.
  • Chemical Dosing and Injection in Chemical and Petrochemical process plants.
  • Fuel Treatment and Chemical dosing for Power Generation.

Gasso Loading Arms

Gasso manufacture composite hoses for a variety of gas, fluids and chemicals. All hoses Gasso manufacture are tested according to international certification standards. Gasso offers full turnkey terminal setups and have a range of loading arms, folding stairs & platforms, couplings, and tank truck equipment.