We have built a reputation that ensures:

  • Your business gets the best quality solution in the market
  • We deliver products and services in a timely manner
  • The best safety and regulatory standards are met
  • Our customers are satisfied and confident in us

We offer a wide range of high-grade quality products from leading industrial suppliers. Our many years of experience means that we are able to fit our goods and services to meet the specific needs of your business and protect your assets.

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HGS are accredited, authorised distributors in West Africa for world-class brands such as:

Products & Services

Hose It

We offer a complete service including hydraulic hose repairs, replacement, hose assemblies and hose fittings for your requirements. Hoses are critical components for effective and efficient material handling in both mobile equipment and processing plants.

Lube It

A comprehensive range of lubrication and pumping solutions. From automated lubrication systems to complete workshop lube set-ups and general lubrication equipment. Every machine, whether static or mobile, has moving parts. With proper lubrication, wear is reduced resulting in less maintenance and increased uptime.

Extinguish It

Any fire in the workplace or residence can be a serious threat. If you’re underprepared, the consequences can be horrific. Extra vigilance in preventing and adequately preparing for fires is a financial, a legal and lifesaving necessity. We offer a variety of fire suppression systems and equipment.

Fuel It

A comprehensive product line that addresses your concerns related to fuel equipment, Pressureless refuelling, couplers and other accessories, as well as complete fuel bowsers. We constantly introduce new and innovative products to the market to ensure a safer, more efficient workplace.

Pump It

A wide range of pumping solutions for a variety of industrial and mining fluids. The pumps we provide often tie in with turnkey solutions. From oils & grease, to fuel and gas, or even chocolate, we have the right solution to meet and exceed your most demanding needs.

Meter It

Select the correct meter and configuration for your application. Whether for motor oil, lubes, fuel and other fluids, these meters deliver with precision. From positive displacement meters with register and preset, to handheld units.

Reel It

HGS offers hose reels that cater for almost any conceivable application, and industry. Our success stems from the partnerships built over the years with arguably the world’s leading manufacturers of durable, high quality hose reels. Durability is a major factor in the selection of hose reels. Our range of reels have been carefully selected. Everything from the swivel to the spool drums has been designed with quality components in mind.

Clean It

Facility care solutions improve cleaning and safety. Spill kits are a must-have for industrial workplaces. Sobo Tank Cleaner is a highly concentrated, powerful and readily biodegradable heavy duty solvent degreaser. Penetrates and lifts the heaviest of oil contamination with reduced risks for the environment.

Service It

We provide customers throughout Africa with custom-built, special-use service module solutions for fluids handling for a variety of industries, most notably for mining. As part of our Service It philosophy, we also offer repairs to a variety of products, as well as on-site maintenance contracts.