HGS has a comprehensive range of lubrication and pumping solutions.
From automated lubrication systems to complete workshop lube set-ups
and general lubrication equipment.

Lincoln Automated Lubrication Video

The Lincoln brand portfolio features some of the world's most advanced, highly respected automatic lubrication system technologies, as well as a full line of tools and equipment for industrial and automotive service professionals.

Lincoln / SKF

Lincoln have the widest range of lubrication systems in the market place. Every machine, whether static or mobile, has moving parts. Motion cause’s friction which leads to wear. With proper lubrication, wear is reduced resulting in the value of your machinery being upheld. Our comprehensive range of products and systems cover:

  • Centralised, automated or manual lubrication system for mining, construction, commercial vehicles, agriculture, marine, processing plants, rail, and industrial sectors
  • Progressive, Single Line, Dual Line and Multi Line systems
  • Spray lubrication systems for open gears
  • Oil circulation systems
Through years of experience, HGS will assist in system design, installation, and maintenance.

Lincoln PMV Pumps

Lincoln’s PMV family of grease and oil pumps represents more than 90 years of high-quality engineering, technology and manufacturing.

  • Proven design based on the PowerMaster III air logic pump technology
  • Modular, fastened by four bolts. Precise, durable and less susceptible to temperature than plastic spools
  • Runs without external lubrication
  • No springs, rods, levers or slides


Samoa is a leading manufacturer of equipment for fluid transfer, dispensing, dosing, recovery and inventory control. Samoa satisfies new customer needs with product improvements and new product development. Samoa products work away, night and day, throughout Africa.We offer:

    Complete Workshop Set-ups
  • Fluid Management Systems
  • Heavy-duty, High Volume Air Pumps
  • Robust Nozzles
  • Grease nipples


The Gespasa product range has developed to a wide catalogue with all types of solutions for the fuel, lubricant and grease measurement and control.

  • Fuel & Lubricant Transfer & Measuring
  • 12, 24 & 230V Pumps
  • Double Skin Tanks


Piusi provides professional, easy-to-use equipment for transferring / dispensing and measuring of fuels, lubricants and liquids. PIUSI flow meters are well known throughout many diverse markets. We offer:
1. Nozzles & Meters
2. Pumps


G.GUN Grease Gun

The G.GUN holds the equivalent of 20 standard size grease tube cartridges. Quick and Easy greasing leads to thorough greasing and less machine downtime

  • Frustration-Free G Gun Greaser
  • Quick and Easy Greasing - 10,000psi Output,
  • Hands-Free, Foot Operation
  • Pressure Relief Valve for Mess-Free, Waste-Free Greasing
  • Durable Industrial Strength Heavy Duty Construction
  • Clip-Off Grease Coupler and 2 Metre (6.5 Foot) Flex Hydraulic Hose