HGS offer a wide range of Fire Suppression and Fire Fighting equipment. We also offer Servicing and Repairs to AFFF & DCP Systems.

AFFF Fire Suppression Systems

The Muster II AFFF Fire Suppression System is a specialised foam-based fire suppression system designed to suit all mobile and stationary equipment including mining haul trucks, draglines, dozers, shovels, excava­tors, loaders, harvesters, generators, road transport vehicles and industrial equipment.

    Benefits of the system
  • Full 24/7 monitoring
  • Rapid detection of a fire
  • Initiate an alarm signal
  • Automatically activate discharge
  • Manual activation of discharge
  • Electrical shut down options

Solid Aerosol Generator (SAG) Systems

Solid Aerosol Generators are a self-gener­ating Aerosol Fire Suppressing device that can be used in conjunction with our exist­ing monitoring & activation components. Specifically designed for enclosed are­as, this new extinguishing agent adds fur­ther strength to an already powerful team.

  • Self-generating aerosol
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Instantaneous extinguishing action
  • Does not require pressurised cylinders
  • No discharge piping or manifolds
  • 7-10 year operational life

Impulse Powder Systems (IPS)

The in-built accuracy of the MusterII Fire Suppression System is controlled using intelligent 24/7 monitoring features that ensure the discharge performance meets the initial design criteria, effectively suppressing fires in the most punishing environments where many machines operate while protecting your assets and personnel.

  • All aspects of Risk Assessment,Design & Installation

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System for Industrial Kitchens offer a wide nozzle coverage and reduced pipework, as well as easy and low-cost maintenance. The system can be pressurized with only 12 bar nitrogen after each discharge and Fire Eraser liquid (potassium carbonate based). No expensive cartridges or long standing times.

  • Fusible link melts due to fire and heat at set temp, releasing the tension and activating the systems.
  • Systems can also be activated manually via a remote pull station
  • Nozzles release FIRE ERASER liquid into extraction ducts and protected cooking area and fire is suppressed.
  • The activation mechanism shuts off electric, gas and fans stopping the spread of fire

Fire Fighting Foam

Aberdeen Foam offers a range of foam concentrates and foam testing servic­es catered to the Oil & Gas sector, Avi­ation, Mining, Maritime and Military.

  • 1%, 3%, 6% AFFF-C6
  • Alcohol Resistant AR-AFFF-C6
  • 3% AFFF-C6 Airport & Aviation Foam
  • Fluorine Free Foams
  • Specialty Foams
AFFF-C6 concentrates meet EU 2017/1000 and the Airport & Aviation Foams meet the rigorous requirements of ICAO Lev­el C together with Level B. Depend­ing the Foam, further approvals include UL 162 and EN 1568:2008 Parts 3&4.

Hand-held Extinguishers

Ask us about of full range of hand-held fire extinguishers, as well as servicing and recharges*


Water Cannons

We offer Magnum water cannons/monitors and Storm CAF units. The Storm robotic water cannon was designed to keep human operators out of dangerous environments. Whether under vehicles, in mineshafts, or fighting fires, there are some places that people simply can’t safely go. The Storm which is quite literally a tank which fires water instead of explosives allows the operator to safely negotiate such situations with ease, and quickly solves problems that could otherwise become extremely expensive or dangerous to resolve

Servicing and Repairs to AFFF & DCP Systems

We offer Asset Protection Management Services encompassing the maintenance and full-service packages that cater to your requirements and that provide peace of mind to know your systems remain compliant. Visit our services section.