Our Site Services

We offer Asset Protection Management Services encompassing on-site services, maintenance and full-service packages that cater to your requirements and that provide peace of mind to know your assets are protected.

  • On-site 24/7 workshops
  • Consulting, engineering & system planning
  • Installation of systems
  • Maintenance of all our systems & equipment
  • Maintenance of contracts
  • Repairs both on site and in our accredited workshops
Our Service is provided by a team of technicians who are Professionals in their field.

Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

HGS supplies a variety of services from all our locations which include, distribution, technical support, 24•7 breakdown services specialising in hose, fittings, and replacement, hose assembly manufacturing, hose assembly tagging, hose assembly proof testing and training.

HGS understands the need for service when delivering our products to the mining industry; we provide for this through our network of workshops, site technicians, regional branch operations and customer service personnel.

HGS can offer on-site, fully stocked and managed containerised or fixed workshops; or a fully functional vendor management system designed for self-sufficiency on site, whereby all stock is purchased and owned by the client but managed by HGS.

Lubrication & Fire Suppression Systems

Highly qualified project engineers and technicians provide competence, flexibility and decades of experience in the planning and layout of state-of-the art lubrication & fire suppression systems, as well as, other fluid applications.

Our experience ensures that the installation work is performed economically and with high-quality workmanship by our qualified technicians. Qualified and experienced technicians calibrate the equipment, measure the performance and record the start-up data for the customer.

The maintenance of our equipment and systems is essential for their function, safety and service life. The combination of in-house technicians and system house personnel provides our customers numerous maintenance options. Ask us about our on-site maintenance and service contracts. We can offer full time technicians on site to cover fixed and mobile plant.

Further to this, we make recommendations on any upgrading of existing systems in order for you to attain new levels of specifications, features and benefits.